The Little Lamb Project



If you looked through Isaac's Photos, you may have noticed the little lamb that was in a lot of the pictures. That little lamb was given to him by his Aunty Aimee the morning he was born and it stayed with him the entire time and was then buried with him. It was his little lamb after all. We have since bought another one for memories sake and keep it in Isaac's Cedar Chest at the foot of our bed for safe keeping. Since he was given that little lamb, Lambs have been a small reminder of Isaac. He even has a lamb on his Headstone now. It also reminds me of Jesus and the wonderful sacrifice that was given for all of us that day.

Since losing our son to Potter's Syndrome, I have been working with and helping women who have lost a child to Potter's Syndrome or are currently pregnant with a Potter's baby. I have started a website dedicated to babies lost because of Potter's Syndrome, where you can find information and read the stories of other Potter's babies. You can visit that HERE.
I try to send out Grief Care Packages to these women. In these packages I give out Bibles, a DVD and other materials to help with Grief. I've known and heard of countless women who have turned from God after losing a child, and it is my goal to try and reach these women to make sure that they know that God has not forgotten them during their difficult times and to share with them God's undying love.

So far I have been able to only send out the materials that I have listed above. I want to be able to send the same little lamb that was given to Isaac to these women as well. Preferably before their baby has passed so that they too can have their own little lamb. Or I want to send it to these women after they have lost a child, as a reminder of God's love for them and that their childs death had a purpose, even if we never know what that purpose is.

If you would like to help out and send one of these little lambs to remind these women of God's love, please email me and let me know that you would like to donate one of these little lambs and I will send you the address to where it can be sent. (You can email me on the Contact Me page)

"Winky" is the name of that little lamb, and he can be purchased HERE. (or you can just type in "Winky Lamb Rattle" and choose which ever site you would like to order from)

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